The World's Only Vanishing Edge Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

It takes something phenomenal to lure us out of the country and open the door to a relationship with a manufacturer that’s not based in the USA. When we decided to add another line of premium products to our lineup, we knew that Coast Spas, based out of Langley, British Columbia had just what we were looking for. 

The vanishing edge feature is extremely unique and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen on a portable hot tub or swim spa. It truly is an experience to soak or swim in one of these cutting-edge units. And with additional features like their hydro-cyclonic filtration system and zero water displacement, they’re winners in every category.

Because of their ‘curb appeal’ we have a full and operating hot tub and swim spa in our showroom so you can see just how incredible they truly are.

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