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Could a Swim Spa Help Ease Your Aches and Pains?

swim spas in St. George Utah

Millions of people suffer from daily aches and pains – and if you’re in that number, installing a swim spa could put you on the path to a better quality of life.

Whether you have a chronic pain condition like arthritis or fibromyalgia or your aches are the result of an injury, you might prefer to manage your symptoms without medication. That may be possible with a swim spa, or spool, in your backyard. Here’s why buying one can make for the ideal pain relief solution.

Swim Spas Allow for Exercise

Getting regular physical activity is known to be good for the body, but chronic pain sufferers often avoid exercise because it brings on a flare up of symptoms. A spool puts fitness back on the table, as exercising in water helps build flexibility and muscle strength without putting stress on the joints and bones.

Swimming against the water current offers a solid workout, but that’s just one option. Some spool models can be customized to include accessories like an adjustable aquabike, a multi-speed underwater treadmill and detachable rowing bars. And with water dumbbells, weights or a flotation device, spool owners can perform a range of other exercises.

Warm Water Therapy Works

Swim spas aren’t just for exercise – using a spool can help ease aches and pains even if you aren’t moving around. The soothing warmth and massaging jets create the perfect environment for pain relief, and regular soaks in a hot tub can reduce inflammation, a root cause of many chronic pain conditions.

For those suffering from the pain of a muscle or joint injury, relaxing in a spool can help the symptoms fade. Warm water therapy, or hydrotherapy, also reduces stress, which helps to keep the aching at bay. Anyone in need of pain relief should ask their doctor before using a hot tub, but many medical professionals are advocates of hydrotherapy for chronic pain sufferers.

Get the Right Swim Spa for Your Backyard

Not all spools are made alike, and there can be vast differences in the quality of construction and available features among the various brands. We’re sure you want to spend your money wisely – and to make a smart purchase, you’ll need expert advice. For that, turn to the professional team at Absolute Comfort Spa & Pool.We can answer your questions, show you spools that meet your needs and, if you like, explain our dealer financing program. We’re committed to providing exceptional value and top-notch service – browse our testimonials, and you’ll see just how much we care about customer satisfaction. If you’re interested in installing a swim spa in St. George or one of the surrounding areas, stop by the Absolute Comfort Spa & Pool showroom or schedule a complimentary backyard consultation today.

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