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Why a Swim Spa is Perfect for At-Home Fitness Regimens

Utah swim spa installation

Looking to get a good workout at home? Getting a PDC swim spa for your backyard is the ideal solution, regardless of your fitness level.

Also known as a spool, a swim spa is larger than a typical hot tub, yet more compact than the average swimming pool. A high-powered jet system pushes the water, providing enough resistance to swim against – and since the settings are adjustable, you’ll be able to swim at your own pace.

Install a spool, and your workouts will be both fun and productive. Here’s how a spool can help with your at-home fitness regimen.

Benefits of Exercising in a Swim Spa

Water has a natural buoyancy, and the reduced pull of gravity means that exercising in a spool is easier than on land. Aquatic workouts come with a number of major advantages:

  • Exercises are low-impact, placing less stress on the joints and bones
  • Water workouts help increase strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Balance, coordination and agility can be improved by exercising in water
  • Warm water relaxes the muscles and promotes good circulation

Just about anyone can benefit from aquatic exercise, even those with low back pain, arthritis, orthopedic injuries, joint pain or muscle weakness. Whatever your fitness goals or limitations, a spool can help you work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Lower Body Swim Spa Exercises

Strengthening your lower body can help improve your balance and agility. The exercises you can do to effectively work out your legs, hips and lower back in a spool include:

  • Jogging against the water current
  • Marching or walking in place
  • Making bicycle movements with the legs while holding the edge of the spa

Upper Body Swim Spa Exercises

Working out your upper body helps reduce your risk of injury, and strengthening the back and shoulder muscles can improve your posture. To achieve this in a spool, you can:

  • Do chest presses with the palms submerged, pushing against the jet current
  • Use water dumbbells or weights to perform slow and steady bicep curls
  • Perform water pushups, using the spa rails or a step as a brace

Core Muscle Swim Spa Exercises

Having strong core muscles helps prevent back pain and spinal injuries while also boosting physical performance. To work on your abs, hips and back muscles in a spool, try these exercises:

  • Water crunches, pulling your knees into and away from your chest
  • Core rotations, standing in the water and pivoting your torso from side to side
  • Water planks, using a flotation device to support the body at a 30 degree angle

Get a Spool that Meets Your Needs

When it comes to the exercises you can do in a spool, we’ve barely scratched the surface here – and we’d love to tell you more. If you’re interested in developing an at-home fitness regimen, visit Absolute Comfort Spa & Pool and check out our vast selection of high-quality spools that are perfect for workouts.

Rather schedule a free backyard consultation? Our team would be happy to visit your southern Utah home and help you choose the right swim spa. To learn more, contact us today.

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