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Why Buying an Inflatable Hot Tub Is a Bad Idea

what is the best kind of hot tub?

Inflatable hot tubs are cheap, portable and easy to set up – which explains why many first-time spa buyers find them to be appealing. In our experience, however, many people who purchase one come to regret the decision.

At Absolute Comfort Spa & Pool, we don’t sell inflatable hot tubs, as they generally aren’t worth the cost. Instead, we offer affordable dealer financing on high-quality hard shell hot tubs, so that no one has to settle for less. If you’ve been thinking about buying an inflatable spa, you may change your mind after reading the following.

No Comfy Seats

Hard shell spas feature built-in seats that conform to the body, allowing you to lounge and really enjoy a good soak. Inflatable spas don’t have the same type of seating, and many have no seats at all.

Size Concerns

Inflatable spas may seem pretty roomy, but they’re not as large as you might imagine. A model that’s 85 inches in diameter, for example, might have walls that are 10 inches thick, so once it’s inflated, there’s far less space for people to sit

Ineffective Jets

Quite often, inflatable spas are advertised as having over a hundred bubble jets. This no doubt sounds impressive, but be aware that these are far less powerful than the massaging jets you’ll find in a high-quality hard shell hot tub.

Slow to Heat Up

With an inflatable spa, getting the water up to the right temperature takes a long time. If you fill one with cold water, you’ll likely have to wait a couple of days for the spa to be ready – and in the winter months, the unit may not be useable.

Low Durability

Inflatable products are subject to puncture, and we all know how flimsy some can be. Unfortunately, inflatable spas are no different – and the lack of durability means that they typically don’t last longer than a few years.

Lack of Features

Unlike inflatable spas, high-quality hard shell spas come with multiple powerful massage jets, an air blower system, lights and many other attractive features. Plus, you can opt for entertainment upgrades, such as a sound system or a high-definition TV.

When you consider all of the drawbacks to inflatable hot tubs, a hard shell model simply makes for a better investment. And with dealer financing available, you can get the high quality hot tub or spa of your dreams, at a price that fits your budget.

If you’re shopping for a hot tub in southern Utah, stop by Absolute Comfort & Spa in St. George. We carry an extensive selection of high-quality hard shell models from well-respected manufacturers, and you might be surprised to see just how affordable owning a premium spa can be. Don’t make do with an inflatable hot tub – come explore the superior options at Absolute Comfort & Spa today! 

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